not happy and not gay.

sad day for (progressive) California.

California Supreme Court upheld prop h8. While all 18,000 previously (legally) married gays and lesbians get to keep their marital status, the rest of my gays were basically told by the state that I love(d) to eff off, we don’t need your money.

i have no words, no words! (obviously i do or else i would’ve stoped at “..words!”) like i always say, if it is or isn’t right in God’s eyes, it is not for US to decide. let them (if they believe in a god), face their maker and be judged.

California has taken a million step backwards, it is UNBELIEVABLE!! i live in a state where i can, during the winter season, go to the beach in the early morning and snow board the rest of the day if i wanted to. Where I can go from North to South, visit vineyards, drink wine, be happy. But that’s just it.. California’s like the HOTTEST guy in high school who you finally got to be with;only to find out that he’s just a pretty face and that’s it.

I need my cute geeky intelligent California man back.


it’s JIHAD baby!

Copied&Pasted from Mudflats: ““Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God.”” – Sarah Palin

She’s sounding like the Christian version of a mujahid. Last time I checked BUSH is not GOD. Bitch be ignorant yo! Do we really want a gun-toting, Christian extremist hypocrite? To quote DIDDY (my Celebrity of the Now): “You’re bugging, McCain”.

What exactly did GOD send our soldiers to Iraq for? Who did he contact for this task? Does He speak only to Republicans? More and more stories/rumours of her ignorant ways are popping up and it won’t be too long before her reputation ruins her. Could this truly be a historical race to presidency? We’ll have the first Black President winning because McCain has to drop out of the race. First he picks Palin, then he gets GW’s support (which is enough to make anyone who’s smart enough vote/look the other way).

2 more months til the elections. HOPEFULLY we dont get votes from the grave again.

ps. yes the photo’s photoshopped.


I have decided on who I’m voting for despite the public endorsement of Sean Combs (who I am hating more and more everyday). I haven’t really been reading much about Obama but the things I’ve been finding out about Sarah Palin is just too much. In my opinion, the VP is really just a seat warmer waiting for the Pres to croak and with McCain being the Jurassic dinosaur that he is, I fear that if he wins and passes, we’ll be left with PALIN. I’m not saying she’s unfit to become a President due to the fact that she’s a woman and she may be menopausal (if she hasn’t gone through it yet, how old is she again?) It’s just some of the back-stories. Trooper Gate, her Down Syndrome-d son not being her son but her grandson (allegedly). If someone have that kind of power-tripping (troopergate) as a governor of a small RED state, what kind of poison would a VP position be?

I will not let Sean Puffy Combs (Ciroc Obama) ruin this for me!