green is what my mind is

i’ve been considering trading my car in for a green car. ive been eyeing the civic hybrid and hopefully will be able to get to test drive one soon. my car right now is too much of an expense. it kills me. i think i go to the station to fill it up at least 2x a week and gas isnt cheap!!

so if all goes well and as planned, i am going to get me a hybrid, baby!


saving the world


I have been wanting to help out more every year,a year or two ago, i tried to get a friend’s help in putting up a show for the katrina victims. we got the show going but unfortunately,we didnt get enough people to show up and we had to pay the venue from whatever we made at the door.

this year or next (since i only have a month left for 2006), i am going to try and help Gawad-Kalinga and SaveGuimaras. Hopefully, these’ll be a whole lot more successful than the katrina gig. fingers crossed.

let’s all make the world a better place!