about a girl

selfportraitmy name is kai.

i was born in manila and have spent most of my days in the united states of america. a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend.

music is food for the soul and my favourite would be radiohead, sigur ros, american analog set, the album leaf, the cure, belle and sebastian, feist, eraserheads, wolfgang, brainsalad.

photography is hobby #1, cooking #2, not sure if there’s a #3.

i love trash tv. Ex: Flavor of Love, Rock of Love. Was never a fan of Jerry Springer though.

– 0 –

100 things about me

  1. I’m a Filipina.
  2. I love to travel.
  3. Armpits freak me out.
  4. Never married.
  5. Been blogging sine 1998.
  6. I cook the best (Thanksgiving) Turkey.
  7. I have a boyfriend who wants to marry me. (I guess I can call him my fiance)
  8. I only trust a few people completely.
  9. I like going to see bands alone.
  10. I am addicted to coke. (the soda)
  11. i dont have kids.
  12. i have a shi-poo named Rico.
  13. i want to be a housewife. A REAL HOUSEWIFE OF ORANGE COUNTY! HAHA
  15. if i had money, id spend it on shoes, clothes, and travel.
  16. i honestly think i’m of not full of myself.
  17. i am a paranoid android.
  18. speaking of paranoid android, i’m a radiohead-head.
  19. i’m lazy.
  20. i love the smell of freshly laundered clothes.
  21. hate doing the laundry.
  22. i try to be as vegetarian as i can. hehe.
  23. i love good subtitled movies.
  24. i even turn the subtitles on for englsh movies.
  25. i love sleeping in on rainy days.
  26. i am a daddy’s girl.
  27. my favourite tv show is top chef.
  28. i had all 5 new kids on the block dolls (action figure?)
  29. Sigur Ros is one of the best concert experience ever.
  30. I want to own a ranch with horses in the Phils.
  31. I want to own a vineyard.
  32. i love my bed.
  33. i dont like having my photo taken (when i’m not made up or am feeling ugly)
  34. both my parents are college graduates.
  35. I’ve yet to graduate.
  36. Yoga calms me, I love Bikram Yoga.
  37. i believe in GOD.. but refuse to be part of a religious group.
  38. I’m a frustrated artist.
  39. i’m trying to lose 25 lbs.
  40. i like being away from my family
  41. i refuse to be a size 8 (US) clothing.
  42. i have engaged in premarital sex..
  43. i beat myself up for it most of the time.
  44. i am getting bored with this.
  45. my favourite yoga pose is the PADANGUSTASANA
  46. i book bands when i’m not lazy.
  47. i like watching golf on tv.
  48. i have tasted isaw.. that was one of the grossest food experience ive had.
  49. The first thing i do when i get online is myspace.
  50. i’ve been a member since 09/30/03
  51. the best gift ive ever received was to see sigur ros live.
  52. i listen to all types of music.
  53. i lived in hawaii for 4 years.
  54. i’ve moved out of my parents house
  55. i spend most days at my parents house.
  56. I’ve done drugs.
  57. the last time I was in Manila was Summer 2002 (May-August)
  58. I wanted to be a Culinary Arts major.
  59. I can play the Guitar and the Piano.
  60. I wish I knew how to play the drums.
  61. I have been to an April Boy concert. HAHA.
  62. my dog sleeps in bed with me.
  63. i am reformed internet addict.
  64. when i’m mad, i clean house.
  65. i drive a white SUV.
  66. my first car was an 89 BMW.
  67. i met my boyfriend online.
  68. i am currently unemployed.
  69. i like drinking milk when i eat sweet stuff like cookies,donuts, chocolates.
  70. my favourite chocolate bar is 3 musketeers.
  71. i choose red ribbon over goldilocks.
  72. i can eat jollibee’s spaghetti everyday.
  73. i wish i had a british accent.
  74. i want to go to europe, never been.
  75. my dad’s grandfather spoke/read/wrote latin, french and spanish.
  76. the top occupation in my dad’s family: attorney/lawyer.
  77. the first concert i attended was greenday’s in hawaii.
  78. – 100. this is getting old!

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