do you dress up for halloween?

* Oct. 31st, 2003 at 11:45 AM
jed: hapi halloween
jed: hehe
atomikai: uy hapi halloween
jed: ano susuot mo what’ll you be wearing?
jed: hehe
atomikai: dito lang ako i’m staying home (so i dont need to dress up)
jed: dapat mag suot ka pa ren you should dress up too!!
jed: magbalot ka ng puting kumot wrap yourself up with a white sheet
jed: kunwari fat joint ka pretend you’re a fat joint
jed: joint lng pala i mean, (just) a joint!
jed: hehe
atomikai: AHAHAHAH
atomikai: TANGINA MO!
atomikai: FAT PA TALAGA i really had to be FAT eh?
jed: hahaha joint nga lng eh i said, (just) a joint!
atomikai: hehehe

i love reading old blogs and convos.


orri and i

the first time i turned into a fangirl. this is at the sigur ros film premiere. i went up to orri and asked, “hey orri, do you mind taking a photo with me?”

“ok,sure” he said.

“can you hug me?” i asked giddily and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. ❤

more sigur ros here.

isn’t it platonic, don’t you think?

in class this morning, the professor talked about romantic and platonic love. She asked, “what is platonic love? give me an example..”

my brother who sits behind me in class said (loud enough for me to hear but not for the class), “kai and glenn”

i looked over my shoulder and said, “GAGO!”

he made my day though by making me laugh so hard in class.