Lana Mae

this is my friend’s daughter. they called me up to tell me they have a youtube video and she started singing to me over the phone. ❤


je vais signaler quelque chose embarrassant

this is the last band practice before the hollywood show last saturday. song is bel’s original, “i dont know”. the white guy’s my J and i’m the fat kid next to him. ❤

Stella’s Notch

ahh stella and her notches.

Stella’s Notch is an LA-based quartet whose music i’d describe best as “tango-rock”. Melody del Mundo, the mastermind, has a voice to be envious of. Also of the band are Jeremy Arcinas on bass, Dennis Diaz on keyboards/guitar, and Miguel Rodriguez on drums. Bias aside, Dennis is a friend of mine, this band is one of the best SoCal bands. It’s not too loud so your ears are safe and the music is headbop-worthy. There isn’t a band like Stella’s Notch. If there are, let me know I’d cross my last sentence out!

Visit the band’s site @ or listen to their music @, Inc.

the bridge is burnt, the table’s turned

hey,i dont mean to pry into
what’s better left undone
i dont know. im always late.
i always see the fact when its all over
and i’m left on my ownback then everything was simple. pure, innocent, and true
but then my life fell to pieces once
defenses down, i never thought that I’d wish i never have met you
dont blame me now, what else could i do?

hey, there’s not point denying i’ve been fakin it too long
now i know. that as i am pacing the streets of your town
for the first time ever i’m doing fine on my own.

my best friend, now you’re less than perfect
and i don’t know what you do
`coz when my life fell to pieces once.
the bridge is burnt, the table’s turned
and i wish i’d never have met you
still i miss the things we used to do.

on my own
i don’t want to be on my own,
i probably will be on my own

– defenses down;last days of august;airliner

lately i’ve been listening to songs i constantly listened to a few heartaches ago.

a radiohead meme

1. What are your Radiohead memories?

  1. trying to cover “no surprises” in a dingy coffeeshop in la.
  2. driving to toronto and listening to some radio station play radiohead allnight.
  3. walking up to a friend’s apartment singing there there while walking on grass.
  4.  pdz.

2. How much would you pay for downloading In Rainbows?

  1. my doodie will buy me the box set but i’ve already dl’d. if i had money, i’d pay.

3. OK Computer or Kid A?

  • i like ok computer the album but love a few songs from Kid A as well.

4. What’s your most hated Radiohead song?

  • what kind of a question is this? maybe “last flowers” but i dont think i’ve listened to it enough so i cant hate.

5. Three words to describe Radiohead’s music.

  • mind fucking blowing.

6. What do you think of Ed O’Brien’s music?

  • let’s change it to what do i think of him? he’s pretty.

7. If you were given the chance to sing a Radiohead song with the whole band backing you up (Thom Yorke doing his crazy dancing in the sidelines), what would it be?

  • there, there

8. What would be a better band name for Radiohead?

  • johnny and the greenwoods. radiohead is good

9. Ok, fine, what’s your top 3 Radiohead songs?

  1. no surprises
  2. there, there
  3. everything in its right place

10. Ok, fine, your favourite Radiohead line.

“bring down the government, they dont speak for us”