orri and i

the first time i turned into a fangirl. this is at the sigur ros film premiere. i went up to orri and asked, “hey orri, do you mind taking a photo with me?”

“ok,sure” he said.

“can you hug me?” i asked giddily and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. ❤

more sigur ros here.



oh wait, it’s thursday! nevermind. it’s my mom’s bday today and i get to go to my ortho. first round of project brace-face, baby! so anyway, she’s (see a few entries down) responded.

Hi!thanks for the greeting.i just open my friendster now.hehehe!you wont believe it but its true:)ive been gone for awhile kase and never had the chance to open my email,well realisticaly im not the techy type of person ren.yup i remember you.no problem!is there anything i can do for you?just tell me no problemo:)and yes i survive im always like that naman eh.i dont know if you know that im a bread winner of our family kase…and i guess with the guidance of the lord i survive..its been quite a hell of a life thou but theres no such thing as perfect life.my children is my inspiration.i told to myself that i can never give up in life because of them,no matter how hard life is…i hope everytthings doing good with you also:) see you!

im too much of a pessimist to think she’s being nice. but let’s give her the benefit of the daw.

yeah right! mikay’s asked me if i’m going to respond. i’m not. i’m letting it go. i’m done and over with dealing with the past. i just wanted to let the ex know i’m still alive and i’m doing well, sort of.