I have decided on who I’m voting for despite the public endorsement of Sean Combs (who I am hating more and more everyday). I haven’t really been reading much about Obama but the things I’ve been finding out about Sarah Palin is just too much. In my opinion, the VP is really just a seat warmer waiting for the Pres to croak and with McCain being the Jurassic dinosaur that he is, I fear that if he wins and passes, we’ll be left with PALIN. I’m not saying she’s unfit to become a President due to the fact that she’s a woman and she may be menopausal (if she hasn’t gone through it yet, how old is she again?) It’s just some of the back-stories. Trooper Gate, her Down Syndrome-d son not being her son but her grandson (allegedly). If someone have that kind of power-tripping (troopergate) as a governor of a small RED state, what kind of poison would a VP position be?

I will not let Sean Puffy Combs (Ciroc Obama) ruin this for me!


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