i dreamt

i dreamt i was dying. i wasn’t sick or anything like that, it was just like running out of battery juice. i knew i was dying and i wanted johnny next to me. that was all i wanted. my eyes started to get heavy and my vision was slowly disrupted by closing eyelids. /end of dream 1

i dreamt i was about to give birth. my boobs didn’t go big on me though. my belly wasn’t big at all. i just knew i was about to give birth but i didn’t have anything for my baby. no onesies, no socks, not a single baby thing. /end of dream 2

i dreamt there was a new airline carrier to the philippines and it was called “fil-am airlines” haha. /end of dream 3

i woke up today a bit scared. am i dying? am i pregnant? i took an ept. i’m not pregnant.