i know i have done you wrong in the past. i’m not sure you’ve forgiven me. maybe you took “forgive and forget” literally. you forgave me and maybe decided that it was time to forget about me too. see, you werent suppossed to forget about me. you only had to forget what i did wrong.

i’m happy you’re happy now but i wish you’d share some of those happiness with me so i can tell you how happy i am for you. (if that even makes any sense.)

i guess i just miss your friendship. maybe my conscience just wouldn’t let me forget of how much i fucked up. although, i was fucked by that fuck-up. ah well. not that you’d ever get to read this but IM SORRY..

and i miss you.


another day,another site.


this is probably my 10th blog move. i can never be satisfied. i always have to go somewhere and since financially, i cant move to a (real) new place, i moved to another page. i’m over the idea of moving to texas so i dont think lonestarpsychedelia fits my state of uhm.. being. i’m over texas and i’m over P. come to think of it, i’ve been over him for a long time now. i’m just glad we’re still friends. i’ve moved on and thats that.

anyway, life’s been good to me. i have a job that pays me (close to) enough. i have a car that doesnt breakdown and stall on me. i still have my family and friends. i have people i love and people who love me. so yeah, life has been good. i’m hoping it’s as good to you.