rico :)


rico’s a year old

it’s my baby’s first (7th?) bday (1-28)! He survived!

to celebrate we had a vanilla doggy cake, chocolate cake for the humans and spaghetti from buca di beppo.  didn’t eat too much though. i’m proud of myself!


it is friggin hot! i just got of the shower so im not as hot as i was a 20 mins ago. 70F! that’s just crazy!

tomorrow rico’s getting neutered. im sure he’s going to be miserable for 10 days because he’s going to be stuck here at home with me. no bam, no dogparks, no dogbeaches, just me and possibly a cone around his neck.

oh my poor baby! 😦

oh! it is love, it is love!!

how can you not fall in love with these two? I dont have a decent digital camera but i do have my phone. this was taken with it a few days ago while rico and bam hung out in front of my gigantic teddy bear whose name is big mike. (got it even before i met the ex).


next saturday is my sister’s graduation (masteral) dinner party and i am to do the cooking. oh yeah!!