another day,another site.


this is probably my 10th blog move. i can never be satisfied. i always have to go somewhere and since financially, i cant move to a (real) new place, i moved to another page. i’m over the idea of moving to texas so i dont think lonestarpsychedelia fits my state of uhm.. being. i’m over texas and i’m over P. come to think of it, i’ve been over him for a long time now. i’m just glad we’re still friends. i’ve moved on and thats that.

anyway, life’s been good to me. i have a job that pays me (close to) enough. i have a car that doesnt breakdown and stall on me. i still have my family and friends. i have people i love and people who love me. so yeah, life has been good. i’m hoping it’s as good to you.


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