do you dress up for halloween?

* Oct. 31st, 2003 at 11:45 AM
jed: hapi halloween
jed: hehe
atomikai: uy hapi halloween
jed: ano susuot mo what’ll you be wearing?
jed: hehe
atomikai: dito lang ako i’m staying home (so i dont need to dress up)
jed: dapat mag suot ka pa ren you should dress up too!!
jed: magbalot ka ng puting kumot wrap yourself up with a white sheet
jed: kunwari fat joint ka pretend you’re a fat joint
jed: joint lng pala i mean, (just) a joint!
jed: hehe
atomikai: AHAHAHAH
atomikai: TANGINA MO!
atomikai: FAT PA TALAGA i really had to be FAT eh?
jed: hahaha joint nga lng eh i said, (just) a joint!
atomikai: hehehe

i love reading old blogs and convos.


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