i tried to go to sleep

but the sandman said, “no, no, no”

Talks of blackholes (and revelatioons, our hopes and expectatioons – i’m feeling rather musical today!) got me all paranoid before bedtime. There I was, lying in bed, forced myself off plurk, and I had trouble getting sleep because all I could think about was the world ending.

Once I closed my eyes, I saw stars aligning in my head and then a great flash of light. I thought I was being sucked in.

Here’s my issue with this experiment. £5bn was spent on this machine. £5bn can be the price tag for the end of the world. Is £5bn the right price for every single living soul on the planet? Yes, I know this might not be powerful enough to kill Earth but hello, just the thought of a blackhole makes me want to hide in the closet in hopes that blackholes don’t like closets (hehe).

Scientists have hailed a successful switch-on for an enormous experiment which will recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang.

Why can’t they (Pro-Evolution & Religious Fanatics) just leave the issue alone. LIVE AND LET LIVE, idiots. No one’s gonna die if you guys don’t prove the theory. We’re all far too busy trying to live our lives, trying to make ends meet, trying to live as proper as we can. We (it’s just me really..) don’t care to prove it. We (again, it might just be me) like debate.

Spend the £5bn on something else, spend it on the poor, pay some national debt, cure aids, cure cancer. I don’t know, just don’t do this to me. I still want to have some bow-chika-wawa time with my husband!


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