start a brand new colony

Fuck it. You throw a dart at a map, we’ll go there and start new. Somewhere else in the world that’s not here. Somewhere where we haven’t said things to each other that we can’t unsay and done things which we can’t undo.

There we can say new things. We can do new things. And those new things we say and do will be more important than the old things. Let’s leave. Please. Leave with me.

– from

The reason I want to move to Canada is the low number of people I know there. I feel the need to distance myself from people I’ve been accustomed to seeing everyday, people whose stupid ramblings I have to listen to. I need to be in an unfamiliar territory, I need to meet new stupid people.

I want to start anew, to find myself, to know how long I can be happy being away from everything that I’m used to.


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