on top of things

Yesterday my nephew, Michael Alfredo Morales Balbin, was born. He is soooo handsome. I was unable to do my homework til I got home and finished it before I went to bed. When I woke up, my sister and I walked Rico to the park. After the park was studytime for me. I was cramming for an exam. I fell asleep while studying because it was that boring. I woke up, showered, and got ready to leave. I had 15 minutes to get to school. Got there 5 minutes til 6, saw Greg, hugged him hello, bid him adieu, ran to the bookstore and looked for my classroom. When I got there, the room was locked. I panicked. “Am I in the wrong room? Is it the 5th today?” I went door to door in the entire business building to see which rooms are open. I logged in online to try and find the room. Turns out the exam’s not til thursday.



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