My sister in law’s mom and 2 brothers are here to join us in waiting the arrival of the first grandchild.

Adriel and Noah are good boys. Noah, the youngest one, is so sweet. carinoso. He likes it when I sing and makes me sing “I Will Always Love You” when the magic mic is on. Of all the songs, he had to pick a hard one. He made me sing it 4 times the other day and I got so sick of the damn song I avoided him all day and took a nap in my brother’s room.

My S-i-L asked him, “Noah do you like Kai?”
Noah: Like a sister.
SIL: you like her like you like me?
Noah: No.
SIL: Do you like her?
Noah: I like her but she can be my mom.

My SiL joined us in the living room and told me about their conversation. I thought it was funny but then I realized that I am old enough to be someone’s mom. I can be a 14yo’s mom if had I been careless in high school. Fortunately, I didn’t really think much about sex back then. But yeah, I’m old.


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