i’ve grown up. (Finally)

I haven’t been going out to party with friends for a long time and tonight, after a few months, I did. Someone I knew (I’m not sure I consider her a friend) had a gig in Cerritos. I was planning on going but a plan is just a plan. Nothing is definite with me, unless it’s a doctor’s/dentist’s/juryduty appointment for me, nothing is set. Going out to socialize is always 99% for me. I always end up at home or doing something else with my time. Yes, I am a flake, so what? I’d rather stay home than socialize with people I’d rather not see.

Last night was different though. I just had the need to go out. I found out that one of my plurk buddies had plans to go to OBar so I was like, “O Bar in Cerritos?” He was indeed planning on going there so that made me want to go there because lately I’ve been wanting to meet new people. So I texted a friend and asked her if she was planning on going there and she said yes. I called that other girl whose band was playing to let her know that I was on my way.

I got there and I was excited to see people I haven’t seen. So here’s the story of my growing up. I actually went out without the urge to check boys out with the intention of flirting and having them buy me drinks. I just wanted to be out with people. I met a few cool people who I’d consider hanging out with in the future; and yes, all the plurkers turned out to be cool guys. They even taught me the UBH handshake. haha. I will practice it. So here I am at home now, 3 bottles of Red Horse later. Tired and sleepy I just had to log this because it turned out to be a pretty cool night for me.

Tata for now!


One thought on “i’ve grown up. (Finally)

  1. Good that you are “growing up”.

    Maybe you’ll understand that when you “plan” on doing something, it is not just a “plan”, you should follow through.

    At least you admit that you are a flake… but please, a part of growing up is not flaking on people.

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