friends, please update your blogs faster!!

i ran out of things to read i’ve gone and read tim yap’s blog. Funny coz he’s blogged about early morning telemarketer calls. I remember last week, my landline rang at 6am and it kept ringing every half hour. I picked up and talked to the telemarketer who was trying to sell me services for calls to the Philippines. She asked me if I spoke tagalog and I said yes. So she started selling me services in tagalog. It was weird. It’s like when she spoke tagalog, she became unprofessional, like she was talking to one of her friends. So I told her that I don’t make calls to the Philippines and she’s not going to be able to sell me anything and hang the phone up. I hang up on telemarketers, Filipino or not. So after two seconds of hanging up the phone, my phone rang again, J picked it up and said, “Look, you have been calling us since 6 in the morning. That is so rude.. *looks at the phone* she hung up on me!!”

i started laughing so hard. yep, the Filipina telemarketer called me back so she can hang up on me too.


2 thoughts on “friends, please update your blogs faster!!

  1. that was really rude. i also hate it when telemarketers call and look for no one in particular, offer a product or service i absolutely have no need for and don’t have a clue how to make a polite, courteous sales call.

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