what is wrong with the world, momma?


Two French research students found stabbed to death following a flat fire had been tied up and suffered horrific, excessive injuries, police have said.

The bodies of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23, were found in a ground-floor flat in New Cross, south-east London, on Sunday night..more of the story on BBCNews

this is proof that there are mental people outside the US.



Investigators have found the body of a 12-year-old Vermont girl missing for a week in a case that led to separate sexual assault charges against her uncle and stepfather, state police announced Wednesday.

Her uncle, Michael Jacques, was arrested Sunday on a charge of sexually assaulting another child, identified in a police affadavit as a relative of Jacques. That girl told police about her association with Brooke, Jacques and an alleged child sex ring. Information gathered in a search of Jacques home led police to the gravesite, Baker said, but he provided no details. More of the story on CNN.com

Her own uncle fessed up that he’s been having sex with his niece since she was 9yo. What kind of sick arse does that to his own niece, his nine-year-old niece?!


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