for the morbid: Timex 2154

do you know anyone who’s crazy enought to want to know when they’re going to die?

i have thought of suicide, sometimes when i’m driving i find myself thinking, “what if i lose control of my car and we fly off this flyover?”, i get scared sometimes being in public places where I can easily be around a psycho out on a killing spree.

i have thought of dying but i am not ready to die. not yet.  do you want to know how many years you have left on earth?

Timex has conceptualize a Life Index Watch. It should be called You’re Going to Die Watch though.

from productdose: Worn like a patch on the skin, the Timex 2154 watch won’t tell you if a truck is going to hit you but based on your fitness, stress, nutrition, sleep, and environment it will let you know when your most important date of all is set to arrive.

any buyers?


One thought on “for the morbid: Timex 2154

  1. lol kai you’re like my sister! i think she did this watch thing too. she has this unfounded paranoia that something bad will happen when she is in her car/the bathroom/her room/ etc. sigh! i blame it on watching too many “final destination” flicks lol!

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