yesteday, J & I took part in a fund-raising boutique. although the promoter meant well, we had a pretty bad experience. our table was setup way back in a corner behind a tree and a couple other vendors. we had no traffic at all. so we packed up early and left. i’m looking into selling my soap at farmer’s markets around the area. so fingers crossed; here’s to hoping my soap sale goes up.

in other news, i had a 2nd interview for buffalo exchange fullerton the other day and it was a bit discouraging. After the interview they told me that there’s a 3rd. it’s unheard of!! i’ve never been to 3 interviews for a job ever! that was the discouraging part but i still hope to hear from them because i need money to fund the soap biz and to feed 2 hungry mouths. haha, make that three including J.


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