on why i havent been writing much

not that anyone noticed. (fishing)

i have been out and about (sorta). mostly trying to shed some pounds for my sister’s wedding. so far i’ve lost 4 lbs since i started (1 week). i’ve somehow reconnected with someone i went to gradeschool with and she doesn’t really remember much of me. it’s a bit heartbreaking but there are a few people from the past who’s done the same and i had the faintest idea who they were. anyway, caroline lives in Georgia now and she’s asked me for a pricelist for my soap. she’s gonna try and sell it at the Farmers’ Market in May.

On the 23rd, I have a fundraiser to do with this Senior Living Center. Hopefully, I get enough exposure from it.

I have a job interview today. Hope i get the job. It’s a bit lowpay but it’s more than I’m making now. The only thing is, I wanted to concentrate on the soap making for a bit. I should’ve worked on the whole band thing too. I have been doing Monday nights at this bar but it’s not picking up as much and It’s hard to ask for money from them when I don’t bring much biz there. blah!

anywaym, i have to go and get ready for my interview. pleasant days!!


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