april fool

so here’s the first post for the month of april. It’s a lazy Sunday for me. I did a batch of guest soaps and I am happy with the results. I got an email to join a fundraiser boutique for the 23rd and we (J & I) are excited about it because a) I get to sell my soaps and stuff, and b)it’s to help the senior community.

Last night, J & I went to Hollywood to play backup(J is lead guitar, I am rhythm) for my friend bel. J did a whole set and I did the end half of it. We did alright and we’re glad to be done with it. Too bad I have no photographic evidence that that day existed. J has some pictures because I was on double duty. Photographer and “musician”.


  1. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (dont really care for the song)
  2. Emotianally (i think) – Belle
  3. I don’t Know – Belle
  4. Just Like Heaven – The Cure

I played the bolded songs.

C&C California, Inc.


2 thoughts on “april fool

  1. hey kai,

    remember me?

    so send me a price list of the soaps, and maybe more pics. i’m planning my baskets for:

    1. birthdays
    2. baptisms
    3. christmas corporate swag bag


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