Britney Spears finally did something GOOD for a change

from BBC NEWS:

Britney Spears in How I Met Your Mother with star Josh Radnor
Britney’s cameo boosts US sitcom

Pop star Britney Spears’ appearance on US TV comedy How I Met Your Mother has pulled in almost 3m extra viewers.

I didn’t get to see the episode (currently looking for it on youtube) but from what I remember, seeing the sitcom numerous times on flights, is HIMYM is a really funny show. It’s great that they get the views they got. Now all they have to do is keep Britney in for a few more episodes.  I love how Britney’s somewhat recovering and is a step farther from being the next Anna Nicole. I know her dad has helped a lot but I think Daddy Spears is  a bit shady. Maybe once he get majority control of Brit’s life (money included), he’d be just as erratic as his daughter was with what fame and fortune’s handed her., Inc.


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