it’s 8 past midnight and i am sleepy but i don’t feel like sleeping yet. i finished J’s lunch (baon) for work tomorrow and now I have to put on a load of laundry (mine, not J’s)

J found a job. He’s taking care of an old man in a convalescent home. it was his first day there yesterday and he was a bit too nervous the night before. I felt him tossing and turning; he even woke me up once or twice last night. I had to take him to work early in the morning to Costa Mesa where he works. I kinda want to spend time talking to some of the old people too. I’m happy that J is working. I’m proud of him. He said, “it doesn’t feel like how i felt coming home from my past jobs.. i feel like i’m actually doing something good.”

his new charge is a depressed man who spends most of the time sleeping. he just lost his wife i think. J keeps him company and make sure he eats. J told me he got him to eat and I felt so happy I squeezed his hand (I would’ve hugged him but I was driving us home from Costa Mesa).


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