a meme

I haven’t been tagged lately. from my twinne bunny

Rules: Post 10 things that recently made you happy then tag 10 people and force them to post this on their blogs.

  1. Finding “instant” milk tea @ the 99 Ranch Market.
  2. My baby Rico.
  3. Having J around, 24/7
  4. selling the soap i made ($45 already!! hehe)
  5. being silly with J.
  6. monday nights @ bar330 with belden.
  7. chismis (djmontano and the gucci gang)
  8. having my dad here (and not all over the world)
  9. sleep, lots of it.
  10. my morning/late night walks with J and Rico.

So here’s the thing about the stolen money thing: I hope the Aussie gets it back. I feel it’s sad because it only takes ONE person to say ONE bad thing about anything and it’ll go around. So one negative viewpoint about the Philippines or Filipinos will more than likely BOX US all up. Face it, the world is mostly populated by people who don’t really want to think for themselves and everything they read is “fact”. I am not going against Brian on this one. If he didn’t post any of those photos (personal photos, it’s not like he posted magazine cutouts or anything like that.) or his Western Union receipts, I wouldn’t really care. Obviously, I really shouldn’t care because any of the people involved are not directly linked to me. I have not met any of them, have not conversed,chatted, emailed any of them so basically, I’m just a spectator. Who walks past a train-wreck?

Aside from feeling sorry for Brian Gorell , I find it amusing when talks about their flaws. Reading it reminds me of LJ-Wars and okrays!


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