before i forget..

last weekend, J and I were supposed to watch my neighbour’s band play at the Back Alley Grill in downtown Fullerton. We came in early because I didn’t want to be charged to go in. I know, I’m a cheapskate but you know, if you don’t have to shell out money to watch a band you don’t really care for, DONT! lol.

Anyway, so we got there early and made a beeline towards the bar. J ordered a Guinness for him and a coke for me because I dont drink. The bartender then asked for our  IDs and igave him my license and johnny gave him his Canadian passport. He was denied beer. “we need a government issued ID”. uh, hello? passports are issued by the government! So we gave him his Ontario drivers licensed and it was denied as well. Turns out both IDs  didn’t have anything that physically described J like height, eye and hair color. So that made sense but honestly, it has his bday, his picture. Who would go through all the trouble and effort of getting a fake passport with a matching fake id to go with it? And to think that we were there a couple weeks back. Blah. so we opted to go home and concluded that CANADIANS are not allowed to drink at the back alley grill in downtown fullerton.


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