bonjour mes amis!

while i wait for my glue *bind* to dry on the notebook i’m making for myself (of course i’ll post the finished product), i blog. what do i blog about? hmm you know, i dont remember half the day. All i remember is i had des examens de français et mathematique. l’examen de français es comme ci, comme ça. it was alright. the math one, im not so sure because i didnt really study for it. heheh. well it wasnt really a math exam, it was a quiz. so anyway, i was visiting my livejournal friends page and one of my friends, tamara, had a survey and i thought, “hey why not? I haven’t done a meme in a long time..” do they even call theose things meme still? ah well, i will call it a meme!

i changed my mind.. i don’t want to answer 36 questions. i’ll just go back to reading up about other people’s lives


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