now i know that its too early to say this but Juno will probably be my favourite movie of the year. michael cera is love. Juno is about a sixteen year old girl, named Juno, who finds out she’s pregnant by michael cera’s character. Juno opted not to have an abortion, finds a picture perfect couple who’d become adoptive parents to her baby. Problems arise, she finds out she’s in love with Michael Cera, the baby ends up where the baby ends up.

there were a lot of “aww” moments for me and a lot of near tears. I went home feeling a bit sad because i felt like i needed to cry but didn’t. It made me miss Canada like I’ve lived there. hehe.

I love this movie, definitely love the musical scoring.. You guys should see it!

PS: Degrassi Fans, Daniel Clark (Shawn) is in the movie. I was happy to see him there!!


One thought on “Juno

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but I WILL SEE IT SOON!!!! I’ve heard so many good things about this film! And Ellen Page was nominated pa for Best Actress sa Oscars. Galing!

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