the road is long and confusing

i have (90%) decided to become a teacher after i graduate. what’s not to like? 3 months summer vacations, thanksgiving, Christmas and spring breaks. hehe. seriously. I mean, obviously it’s not going to pay much but I guess i’m not really going to be depending on a teacher’s salary. I am (God-willing) going to finish a degreen in Int’l Bus. Mgmt. So I can put a business on the side while I teach. So technically, I’d have 2 income sources. plus my future husband’s income. 2.5 income sources! haha.

so, this semester I am going to be laspag (haggard?) because I decided to take on a full load (and more; counting the winter intercession). It’s time to shape up right? RIGHT.

if all goes smoothly, i might move to Toronto and finish school there.


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