2008, i can’t wait

just a couple more weeks left til the new year and i can’t wait. i have let go of unnecessary things,emotional clutters and shit like that. i am happy with my yanchi. he is the best. i love my dogs. they’re the good boys although they can be quite sneaky.

i noticed that most of my friends are either getting married or pregnant..or getting married because they’re pregnant. i’m happy for them. i’m sure they’ll be happy for me when my time comes. i had a bit of a pregnancy scare last month but realized that my meds and the diet patch didn’t like each other so i wasn’t having my monthlies for about 2 months. 3 negative epts were not enough proof for me.

saw bjork last night. didn’t take photos because we had nosebleeds and my bulky camera was not allowed inside. still haven’t named my beloved dslr but it’s all good. so bjork was good. love her voice, too bad i couldn’t say the same about her choice of costume/clothing.

tomorrow will be at the Dahli in LA!


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