oh canada!

currently waiting for my flight (i have about an hour) to Toronto (by way of Denver). I tried coming in early because I know there’s a baggage check-in cut-off. I don’t understand why they think having automated check-in counters will make things flow smoothly. Have they not considered the number of people who has no idea how to use the internet, turn on a computer, or those who are flying internationally whose passports can’t be read by their stupid machines?

so i did the machine thing because the UA person asked me to eventhough i know it would only fail me and it did! So i lined up behind the people who needs to see a real ticket person. They only had 2 ticket agents and one of them left. Seriously? Then this asshole of a white man, not that i have anything against white people (my boyfriend’s white), cut right in front of me acting as if he didnt see a line behind him. What a douchebag! I should’ve mouthed him off but I’m not gonna get into it. Finally got my ticket, got on another line. Security line. Looked at my boarding pass. SSSS!

Not again, i thought to myself. At least I got to cut the line. Girlfriend asked me if I have ever had this procedure done to me before. “I have actually.” I’m almost suspicious as to why they keep on pulling me aside to be checked for explosives. First of all, do i look like a freaking terrorist? If they didn’t have another person there with me who (thankfully) is white, I wouldve thought they’re racial profiling. Ah well, that’s life I guess. The only thing that pissed me off is Girlfriend messed my bag (organization) up. That was fucked up, man!

So I’m done with that, I’m trying to get rid of that build up round my neck/shoulder area from the stress of checking-in and getting in the concourse. I am now “patiently” sitting and waiting til 2:40 to board the plane and head to Denver for an hour or so. I cant wait to see my Doo. Its his birthday today. ❤

ps. the plane is delayed! i’m just having the greatest day today!


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