i think its starting to bug me how I don’t have much to blog about. yup, sad. it’s sadder that when i do blog, i blog mostly stupidity and nonsense. maybe its my fault. i’ve stopped going to shows/gigs/parties/gimiks to avoid drama. well, non-family drama anyway. last night i thought it’d be nice to be away from family. to just be myself and not think about family. start anew. well, i’d take my parents and leave my siblings.

my youngest brother was being a dick last night. he took the bigscreen tv from me so he can play MY xbox360 and he wouldn’t let me watch tv in his room because i had jamba juice with me. mind you,i was drinking it with a straw and it had a lid on.

his reasoning was: ants.

how the fuck will the ants figure out that there’s juice in his room when there’s no chance that i’d spill the goddamn thing because a)i’m enjoying it too much to spill and b)i’m drinking with a straw! it pissed me off so much i left my mom’s house,stayed home alone, and watched californication. oh wait, i’ve got a c). C)it’s not summer anymore, ants are (virtually) nowhere to be found.

blah. what pisses me off too is my sister,who was not part of the conversation joined in and said, “what do you care if he doesnt want you to watch tv in his room?” bitch.

then there’s my older brother who was “butt-hurt” that i hid a box of coke that i bought with my own money. the reason i hid it is because he drinks coke like we dont run out of it. he’s probably finished the whole box already. it pisses me off. it pisses me off as well that he’s this fat,33yo,who doesn’t care about his health. he wouldn’t get his blood pressure checked,wouldn’t see a doctor,smokes,drinks coke like its water.

we’re actually worried about him. people as old este young as i am are having strokes and heart attacks.

wow, i’m really pissed off today..


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