i haven’t had any time to log in for a couple weeks. busy with the Canadian. He’s come for a visit and we were mostly out and i dont really go online when i’m with him. we went to places. the most unforgettable will probably be the trip to Tijuana. My brother’s car got broken into and his gf’s (who happens to be American but of Mexican descent) purse got stolen. I almost did the same thing but decided against it. It is Tijuana, i wont risk losing my precious passport and my boy’s too. Fortunately, we didnt have a hard time going back in, even with the undocumented Mexican passenger. 🙂

We also went to Six Flags, most of the rides were down. Not that it mattered because I’m not really a rollercoaster type of person. I went on one and it was the Revolution, which according to the Canadian is for BABIES. boofuckinghoo!

we went to the aquarium of the pacific which was smaller than expected but it would’ve been fun if it wasn’t as crowded as it was the day we went.

Farewells are the pits. I hate airports especially when I’m not the one flying.


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