reunited and it felt so good.

im not one for random meetups. it just feels awkward for me. what do i wear? what do i say? how do i look? what if we bore each other?

im not one for random meetups. i remember how antsy i felt waiting for mikay in glorietta the first time we saw each other. i’m not even sure if we saw each other again..hehe. i’m glad i met her.

last night, i saw a friend who i havent seen for ages. 16 years to be exact. we went to school together and found each other on friendster. i was a little hesitant,i felt it’d be awkward since i havent seen her in so many years but my gut feeling told me to seize the opportunity. see, she and her family (husband and baby girl) are emigrating to japan so this couldve been my only chance to see her again. unless i decide on going to japan haha. i had fun with hazel. it felt like we were old friends eventhough we didnt really grow up together. i wish her a blissful life.

note to self: never let any opportunities like this pass you by.


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