oh life, where hast thou gone?

i seem to be stuck in not having a thing to say about anything anymore. i wish i had a living-in-the-fastlane type of life sometimes but i’m far too mellow. at least i think i am. the friday that just passed was spent yawning and missing my bed while watching barbie almalbis play a gig in san pedro. i had to pay 20 bucks for it. sucks too because i didnt really want to go but i had to support my friend’s gig. still have no idea how he did with the whole barbie us tour, i want to say i dont care, but..blah, i dont really.

april’s going to be a busy month for me. first week in canada (YEY!),last week in hawaii (YEY!). maybe i’ll try surfing when i go there. the surfboard we (Johnny and I) bought is collecting cobwebs in the garage as we speak…we write(?).. as i speak?..write? whatever.

i’m back to school and i just missed a lecture. i really shouldnt make a habit out of it..cutting’s the biggest reason i’m back to school instead of traveling the world and sleeping on top of moneybags. hehe.


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