..all around me are familiar faces, worn out places..

Tomorrow I am officially jobless (again). Its funny how for the past year i have been whining about not wanting to go to work and now that i dont have to, i feel like shit. I guess it’s the fact that i am not going to be paid to wake up early,spend 8 hours “working” and seeing people i’ve grown to like. I will never hear the customer care manager’s filthy mouth. the way she says “those fucking assholes dont know shit”. There’s also my first office buddy who on my second day at work started telling me bout her sexlife and blushes at hearing mine. she has no shame in her game but hearing other people’s make her uncomfortable. Then there’s the young mom who i always thought had a stick up her ass but is really nice, she can be funny too. Then there’s tweedleduh who always forgets to fax the stuff i give her,who always leaves my office a mess.

i guess what i’m doing is for the best. finish this, i’ll get a house,a better job,and more money.


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