DREAMLOG 2006-01

Dreaming that you are engaged to be married, represents sexual or
relationship needs. You may be trying to resolve your feelings of
Dreaming that you break an engagement indicates a hasty and
unwise decision in
some important matter.

Seeing a ring on
your finger in your dream means your commitment to a
relationship or a
successful new endeavor. It also indicates your loyalty to
your ideals,
responsibilities, and beliefs. Seeing a broken ring in your dream
means an
attack on your loyalty. It is indicative of disappointments and
Dreaming that you lose a ring or someone has stolen your ring,
suggests that
you will lose something or someone near and dear to you. Dreaming
that you
receive a ring indicates that your suspicions and worries over you
will end. You will come to realize that he is true to his heart and will
devote himself to your interest.

Last night i dreamt I got engaged. i also got the ugliest ring i’ve ever seen. it looked like it was bought from the swapmeet. i called off the engagement, i only agreed because i have a hard time saying no and breaking someone’s heart.


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